Location of your new property is perhaps the most important factor when buying a house. Thing that also plays the role is the city, the state and the type of community you will decide to move to. In addition, it’s also different if you decide to reside in an gated community.

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Gated communities have been present in the United States for a number of years. However, over the past few years more people are deciding to reside in an gated
community. Often, residing in a gated community can be even perceived as a sing of success in America today. In many ways it represents the level of success of an
individual. Though, like in any aspect of real estate and housing, there are some pros and cons to living in a gated community.
Pointing out the benefits of living in a gated community, are often found those that actually live inside one. One of the benefits is certainly the fact that the gated
community offers 24 hour safety and security. Those communities can also boast of reduced crime as a whole other point of advantage. Gated  community is
therefore great for people with children as they feel safe and protected. Another great thing is less traffic within a gated community and the fact that the admittance is monitored. So, these are some of the advantages of a gated neighbourhood.

So what are the cons of such community?

Gated residential communities often seem like a cumbersome for some. Let’s say you have company, and you want to allow them entrance. In that case you will
have to call the guard station, which can feel like a nuisance sometimes. The greater cost is also one of the downturns, since one has to pay for all the security and
the guards for the gated community. Similar sized homes and floor plan on exterior of the gated neighbourhood are cheaper, and therefore, unless you really need all
of the additional things that come with a gated community, the extra expense might just not be worth it.

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What is important is to really ask yourself whether or not you require the security of a gated community or not. If you decide that your family or yourself really do
want extra safeness than you should consider the gated neighbourhood. If not, than it could be the case that you just want to live in such gated area as a sign of
your status, which is also ok, if you decide that you really want it, an can afford it. Just take this information into consideration when waging between an opened
access community and a gated community.